NaBloPoMo: I Have Confidence In Me

The Accidental Texan

So I’m a little late to the game on this one…but let’s be fair, I just STARTED this blog on November 22nd, so I should be excused.

This topic caught my eye, because often, as a twentysomething female, still in school, not married (yet), whose dad still sends the occasional “Happy November” check (which is greatly appreciated, don’t get me wrong!)… it’s hard to see what these past twenty…something years have really amounted to.

Things I’m good at:




Ok…maybe not so much this year. But I’ve been busy! So what I have read, I consider an accomplishment.

Baking: I love to bake. I LOVE to bake. With school and lack of funds and all that, I haven’t done too much lately, but there WAS last year’s epically gigantic pumpkin pie. Gluten-free of course, to accommodate my lovely grandmother. Please excuse the overly excited fiancé. That man loves pumpkin…

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