This is NOT how you do it



Yesterday’s post was 10 tips on how to properly write a blog post. Today, I’m changing the tables around: this post is how NOT to write and post blog entries.

1. Come to WordPress with an outline, an argumentative thesis, and a conclusion.

2. Blogging requires no time and effort.

3. Creativity has no place in your blog.

4. Readers like to see nothing but text, so never include pictures or any other type of media.

5. A blog is like a personal journal, so share whatever comes to mind.

6. If you get “stuck,” don’t finish the blog. Instead, go visit another website.

7. Blog constantly about every aspect of your life.

8. Don’t use bitly or Twitter to share your blog.

9. Don’t follow your professor’s daily blogging schedule; you don’t have to #bloglikecrazy every day.

10. Finally, blogging is such a chore — don’t have fun with…

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